The Pacific Fishery Management Council will soon release a proposed 2021 salmon fisheries package that could include limits on some opportunities. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Kyle Adicks said this annual conversation focuses on meeting conservation objectives.

“This year we’ve got a unique challenge in that we have a very large expected return of hatchery fish to the Columbia River, but we’ve got some Washington Coastal Coho stocks that are not expected to do well. We’re trying to find fisheries that will protect those wild coastal stocks as much as possible while allowing people chances to go harvest some of the hatchery fish.”

The Council has been discussing multiple options over the past month or so with public hearings; the final meeting will take place Thursday April 15th. Adicks said the public feedback during the process has been very important.

“We really value the input as we decide things like season dates, what areas are open when, what daily limits are, that sort of thing. We lean heavily on the public for feedback on how to set those seasons.”

After Thursday’s final public hearing, draft regulations will be developed for more public comment with the expectation of adopting the regulations in June.

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