To help those looking to utilize the H-2A program this year, WAFLA will host its H-2A Summit in Wenatchee, WA, Thursday January 12th.  WAFLA CEO Enrique Gastelum said while many in the tree fruit industry are trying to attend trade shows, or enjoy so much deserved rest and relaxation this time of year, now is when you want to think about the needs for 2023.


“The H-2A program, in particular, when you're working on contracts for the following year to bring your workers, depending on your dates of need, when you need the workers to arise, you're typically working on those contracts 75 to 90 days out. Because of the timeline it takes to get them filed and approved and get the workers brought up.”


Gastelum said H-2A has become much more popular with Washington producers, and it’s vital that all farmers understand the latest changes to labor law and the H-2A program itself.


“That's going to be the biggest hot topic for this year. So our panelists of attorneys, as well as our WAFLA technical experts, are going to be on hand. And you know webinars and virtual presentations are great but it always just the energy and the camaraderie and the communications that occur in the discussions that happen live I mean those types of piece things are gold.”


Gastelum said the all-day event is also a great opportunity to network with others in the industry and have specific questions answered.  Thursday’s Summit takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Wenatchee Convention Center.  Visit WAFLA's Website to learn more or to register.



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