Phase One of the U.S./China Trade Agreement and its benefits to the American farmer have been boosted in part by Chinese purchases of various commodities. But in terms of his own confidence that this trend will continue, Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, recently noted:


"I'm confident as long as the relationship is focused on trade because China needs what the US can provide, and China needs a lot of what we can provide."

Vilsack acknowledged the relationship between the two nations is complex.

"On any given day because of the complexity of some other aspect of the relationship it may have a negative impact on our trade relationship. It's important for the Department of Agriculture, the sector of agriculture, to be engaged in conversations within the national security discussions to make sure that decision that are being made that could have an impact on agriculture are well understood before decisions are made."

Secretary Vilasck added that our nation must continue to diversify our AG export opportunities top avoid over-reliance on one particular market. 

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