During a recent exchange between congressman Rick Allen and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack focused on the past and future of black farmers.

"American Rescue Plan includes 4 billion from USDA for loans to disadvantaged farmers," Allen noted. "But in that definition of disadvantaged farmers, and again, what we're hearing is a lot like if you wanna change in this country if you decide you wanna change your gender  you can change your gender. Is there a possibility that farmers could say, hey I wanna change my race and benefit from this program?"

"Congressman I think what you're getting to is a very fundamental question and that is, whether we trust farmers or don't trust them," Vilsack responded. He emphasized the need for trust.

"We know these people. And the reality is, they're going to sign a document that says they're attesting to the truth of whatever it is they're representing. And there are serious, serious civil and criminal penalties if you don't tell the truth. So, I for one, I'm going to trust the farmers to be truthful and if they're not, they're going to be held accountable."

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