This time of year, producers have so much on their mind as they start another growing season. One thing they don’t want to worry about it making sure they have enough fuel for those day to day operations.

That’s where Coleman Oil steps in to help.

Chuck Vannoy, says they offer remote tank monitoring systems which he called a necessity for remote locations across the Inland Northwest.

“So it lets us know when they are starting to use a little more, when they’re starting to get low.  We’ll make contact with the customer at that point and say ‘hey, it looks like it’s maybe time for a delivery’, and they’ll say yeah come on our, or no I’m going to be fine for a while, but we got a system to where we want to make sure our customers never have to worry about getting low on inventory, especially this time of year.”

Vannoy noted they will put those monitors on the tanks at no charge. Click Here to find a Coleman Oil location near you or to learn more.

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