The USDA says a new tool will soon be available to states to create greater efficiency within the SNAP program.


“The National Accuracy Clearinghouse, or the NAC, is a new technology-based solution designed to prevent duplicate participation," said Rebecca Piazza is with the Food and Nutrition Service.  "The NAC provides a way for states to check whether someone is applying for SNAP is already receiving benefits in another state and provides a way for states to collaborate to resolve any instances of duplicate participation before it happens.”


The interim final rule on NAC was recently released with all state agencies required to work toward implementation of the system .


"We have a support team in place to assist agencies that are ready to implement these changes and help state agencies plan that haven't started the work of implementing the NAC yet. The system will be rolled out to states in a phase over a period of five years starting with four states in early next calendar year.”


The NAC was developed through an original pilot program.


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