USDA's Conservation Reserve Program is expanding from its cap of 25 million acres.

"Currently we're four million acres below the goal for 2021 and the cap is going to increase to 27 million acres by 2023," noted FSA Administrator Zach Ducheneaux. "In addition, there's another three million acres that are going to be exiting CRP in the next two years We've got a lot of room to grow the program but a considerable amount of work to do just to maintain the enrollment."

He added that USDA has made changes to the program to incentivize more people to participate.

"If we are not able to help put money in producers' pockets to enlist them in the fight against climate change, we're not going to be able to recruit them to the cause."

CRP, Ducheneaux pointed out, helps producers earn income and improve the environment at the same time.

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