Ukraine's farmers are desperately trying to get what's left of last year's crops moved into export and to find room for the upcoming harvest, while also fighting a war.

During a recent meeting at the UN, leaders from a variety of nations held a round table meeting on the Ukraine situation.  Among other things:

"Many of the countries at the meeting and certainly the US, very much interested in providing direct help and assistance to Ukraine," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.  He added the United States is offering up help on many levels and has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ukraine.

"It's an MOU that is a commitment by the US to not only focus on technical assistance today, to assist the Ukrainian's, but also a commitment when the war ends, as they begin to rebuild and restructure their agriculture, we're going to be there to help."

Meanwhile on the effort to get Russia to open up Ukraine's seaports:

"We certainly appreciate the fact that there is a serious negotiation taking place."

But he said he hopes the Russians are serious about it, too.

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