The latest round of USDA’s Regional Conservation Partner Project award has been announced. According to Chief Matthew Lohr, the agency overseeing the RCPP, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, "The USDA is investing $206 dollars funding 48 projects across 29 states."

And within the partnership component of RCPP.

"There’s an additional $300 million dollars in the contribution so we’re at about half a billion dollars just for this year alone," Lohr noted.

A variety of natural resource conservation issues such as water quality, soil health, ground mitigation and others are addressed in the broad scope of regional conservation partnership program partners, as well as the broad array of partners.

"We’re the federal government, but we have other state governmental partners, we have private companies, not governmental groups, non-profits, our conservation districts; so it’s literally hundreds of partners across the country that team up with us in order to help put conservation on the ground," Lohr continued.

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