As 2021 starts to draw to a close, what does 2022 have in store for you and your family? And when flipping through the pages for the Farmers' Almanac you quickly learn that weather is only part of that equation. Peter Geiger with the Farmers' Almanac says when the publication started in 1818, it was all about providing detailed weather to farmers. But today’s Almanac, he noted, is so much more.

“In today’s world where we’re dealing with all kinds of stresses and strains I think the intent of the book is to help people do for themselves, and whether it’s growing your own foods or have your own chickens, I think people want to be more self-sufficient, they just need to know how to do it.”

But what many want to know at this point, it what can the region expect weather wise. Geiger said when it’s all said and done, they expect typical winter temperatures and precipitation totals, but how we get there could be interesting.

“We were talking about it being a bit of a flip flop kind of winter.  You have really strong, heavy winter in the early part of December, then it’s going to be mild at the beginning of January, then you’re going to have this powerful snow February 4th-7th, and I know in Washington state, you get a tremendous variation in perception, so whatever’s normal for where you live is what we think in the end will probably be about normal precipitation and normal temperatures.”

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