How do the pasture lands across the U.S. look at this stage of the season?  USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says all of the moisture has been good.

“Given the wide spread distribution of moisture this spring, no surprise that range land and pastures across the country are in general in very good shape heading in to June.”

He says many state in the country have pasture numbers at least 80% good to excellent.  Rippey noted roughly two thirds, 67%, of the nation's range land and pastures are rated good to excellent just 7% come in very poor to poor.  If there's a problem, he says it's actually in the southeastern U.S.


“That is starting to cause some declines.  Grasses are beginning to brown out, conditions are dropping. And so if you look at that 7% very poor to poor, a lot of the concentration of that is now in the southeast.”


He points to drought  issues in pastures is Georgia, South Carolina, and New Mexico.



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