A Purdue University report said people living in urban and rural areas share many of the same concerns about food prices and availability, including the impact of recent bird flu outbreaks. However, the monthly Consumer Food Insights Report said differences remain in food insecurity and diet satisfaction. Some of the key results from this month’s survey report showed that 60% of consumers are concerned about the impact of bird flu on food prices.

Food spending is 9% higher than in January, but food demand remains price insensitive. 14% of all households and 23% of rural households are facing food insecurity. A new report shows the similarities and the difference

Seventy-one percent of people in urban areas and 61% of rural residents are facing food insecurity. Jayson Lusk, Agricultural Economics Professor at Purdue, said, “Rural Americans struggle more often than urban Americans to buy the food they want. Current economic conditions appear to have further disadvantaged rural Americans.”

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