The PNW Canola Association’s annual meeting will take place Monday January 31st, and this year’s event will be a hybrid event, both on-line and in person in Spokane. Karen Sowers, Executive Director of the PNW Canola Association said the event is open to members and non-members alike and they will recap the struggles and successes of the 2021 season, as well as legislative issues in D.C. as well as all four state capitals. And she noted, new this year, they will host a guest speaker.


“Jess Peters, who along with her brother and parents run a dairy farm in Pennsylvania.  She is an advocate for mental health on the farm.  She has a pretty strong presence on Instagram and also a blog, and local newspapers and that sort of thing, but she’s going to touch on a few things having to do with mental health on the farm and tips on how to deal with stress.”

Sowers said she understands growers are busy this time of year, but she added thanks to the virtual element of this year’s meeting, travel isn’t needed.

“Whether it’s an hour or the full three hours, at least gain an understanding of at least what the Canola Association is all about and what we’re doing for every part of the supply chain, whether you’re a producer, crop advisor, a seed salesman, or just a consumer of canola oil.”

Sowers added they will also carve out time for a Q&A session. Visit the PNW Canola Association's Website to learn more about this year’s annual Meeting.

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