A new program is underway to use Oregon mass timber products to build small modular homes that can be moved anywhere in the state.  The hope is these smaller homes will help reduce the housing crisis across Oregon.  A $5 million grant from the Legislature with a federal match helped start the program and build the first six homes.


"It's going to correct for a lot of problems were having," said Governor Tina Kotek. "It's not the sole solution, but it's absolutely needed to give us different options in communities."


The first six homes will go to Madras, Otis, Talent, and Portland.  Some of those houses will go to people who lost their homes to wildfires.


Kotek added these homes could also be used as affordable housing.  She’s asked for $130 million to reduce homelessness.


"We have bipartisan support that it's an urgent issue.  That $130 million will serve the state in very urgent fashion to keep people, housed, help people get off the streets and help keep people housed, so they don't come back on the streets."


The money would be spent on immediate temporary housing for some homeless people, rent assistance, and more shelter beds.


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