A new tool that was originally developed to support organic hazelnut growers, can also be used for any hazelnut orchard operation, organic or conventional; in fact, for other kinds of crops as well.

Oregon Tilth, a nonprofit organization advocating organic food and farming, developed this production calculation tool, which offers innovative ways for growers to better understand their costs. On a recent webinar, grower Ben Larson shared what he learned.

It's helpful to think about, OK, yeah, this is taking longer. Is there like a way that we can speed this up or just how to anticipate like how much help we're going to need during different parts of the season?

Peggy Bengry is also a hazelnut grower, and said, "It showed me that I would either have to hire more labor or spend a lot more of my time in the orchard and that some practices like weeding by hand, for instance, were just not going to be possible."

You can contact Oregon Tilth for more information. 

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