A map showing the wildfire risk of every property in Oregon is now available for the public.  The Governor’s Wildfire Programs Director Doug Grafe said this effort is a transition for how the state thinks about wildfire, from reactive to proactive.

“We’re not only simply going to react to wildfires in Oregon, but we’re going to take a proactive stance to mitigate and prevent the catastrophic risk of wildfire across Oregon, with proactive programs and greater understanding of our fire risk."

The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer, developed by Oregon’s Department of Forestry and Oregon State University, is the product of Senate Bill 762, passed by lawmakers in 2021.  Department of Forestry Fire Protection Chief Mike Shaw said the map identifies the wildland-urban interface and assigns wildfire risk at the property level.

“And this is important because it allows every Oregon resident an opportunity to understand the risk of wildfire where they live and to mitigate against those risks.”

Shaw added the map has five levels, from Low to Extreme.  Eventually, the State Fire Marshal’s Office will develop defensible space codes for properties at highest risk.

Click Here to check out the map, and see the level impacting your community.

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