Long lines at ballot drop-sites on election day may be a thing of the past, thanks to Oregon’s new law allowing the counting of ballots if postmarked by Election Day. Oregon’s Secretary of State office launched a new campaign to educate voters, in an attempt to combat rumors of voter fraud.

"And now, you can drop it at an official ballot drop site or have your ballot postmarked on or before Election Day. Go to OregonVotes.gov for more info. Ballots postmarked by Election Day may arrive at the Elections Office up to seven days later.”

Ben Morris, with the Secretary of State’s Office, says the goal is to combat the misinformation reported other states, where people thought late ballot increases were evidence of fraud.

“We’re going to see the total number of votes go up on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday following Election Day. Those are valid votes that were cast on time, and they’ll count."

Oregon elections officials stress late ballots will still be counted, even if received after Election Night, if that ballot is postmarked on time. The Oregon’s primary is May 17th

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