The cool, wet spring may have many across the Pacific Northwest feeling like this wildfire season won’t be too bad.  But, firefighters remind you it only takes a few days of hot weather to dry out vegetation, making it susceptible to a fast moving fire.

So, before that happens, it’s important to prepare your property for the season ahead.  Heather Miller Fire Risk Education Specialist with the with the Oregon Fire Marshal’s office said clearing debris from the roof of your home, barn or shed is essential.

“It’s not the wall of flames that blow through a neighborhood that’s a risk, so much as it’s the ember shower that comes before the wall of flames.  So, if we can get our house ready for those embers then we stand a much better chance of surviving a wildfire.”

She added when clearing that debris, don’t forget about the rain gutters as well.  When it comes to the vegetation around your home, it doesn’t need to look like a moonscape, but keep this short, trim with vegetation breaks.

"It’s not so much that a house is a miracle for surviving, it’s that it was able to withstand the ember shower that came through. And the vegetation breaks around the home were enough where the house could survive the fire."

Miller said now is also a good time to prepare for possible evacuations.


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