A federal appeals court recently pushed the pause button on efforts by the Biden Administration to mandate that all companies with 100 employees or more require the COVID-19 vaccination to maintain employment, but that does not mean the possibility of such a mandate has gone away. Representative Dan Newhouse, chair of the Western Caucus says a federal vaccine mandate is not only the wrong approach, but it also has the potential of devastating the agriculture community.

“There’s just a lot of complications that we’re going to potentially see here, especially with the supply chain issues that we’re currently having, the difficulty of getting things to market, on both sides, bring product to the consumer or for our own producers to be able to get their products to market, you know, going both ways.”

Newhouse added the mandate is a bad idea, and the timing of the Administration is even worse.

“And, anything that we do to reduce the number of employees that are available to get the work done is just going to have devastating impacts all through the economy.”

The Administration’s goal is to have the mandate take effect January 4th.

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