The port bottleneck has not only hurt the farming community when it comes to shipping products out, but also when it comes to inputs arriving in the United States. Whether its implements parts, fertilizers, high tech gadgets or anything in between, farmers across the industry have reported short supply or difficulties it getting essential items for the 2022 season.

Representative Dan Newhouse, chair of the western Caucus says the federal government could have done more, and need to do more to keep the supply chain open in both directions.

But he noted the port bottleneck is only part of the equation.

Another problem, which he pointed out has been a growing issue for years, is a lack of over the road truck drivers in the U.S.

“I’ve raised that issue, we’ve tried to over the last couple of years make some changes so that we can increase the number of people that choose truck driving as a profession, make some changes to the CDL in order to get younger people engaged in the industry.”

Newhouse said the Pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues have just made this bad situation worse.

“We’re kind of behind in trying to come up with ways to fix it," Newhouse continued. "We can’t fix it overnight, but I think there are some things that we can do, as long as the Administration helps us to do that.  So, we’re working hard to make some of those improvements.”

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