Dan Newhouse says he's frustrated over the lack of movement on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.  The legislation cleared the House of Representatives in March 2021 and since then has been in a holding pattern in the Senate.  The central Washington Republican said time is running out.
"There is a group of senators still working on this.  I think there's still time to get this done, but the urgency is increasing and we continue to see a crisis situation with our labor in agriculture."
In its current, FWMA looks to establish a program for agricultural workers in the U.S. to earn legal status through ag employment while reforming the H-2A program, all while providing more flexibility for employers.  Newhouse said the bill would also establish a mandatory nationwide E-Verify system for all agricultural workers.
"The risk is real of crops not being planted, not being cared for as adequately as they should be and not being harvested in a timely manner. All of those things add to the higher cost of food and higher costs to producers."
Newhouse claims the legislation would secure the border, lower food costs and provide solutions.  The bill was last referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee in March.
Click Here to learn more about the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.
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