Growth Energy announced a new partnership with the National Association of Agricultural Educators to help promote biofuels in high school classrooms across America.  It’s the first industry-supported biofuels curriculum and designed to provide students with a guided in-classroom experience.  It also provides tools to ag educators that help them provide students with an array of technical skills and historical knowledge about biofuels.


“Our one-of-a-kind curriculum offers students a glimpse into the innovative world of biofuels,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “We’re excited to show high school students the role that STEM education plays in our nation’s agriculture and energy sectors.”


Students will also learn how the next generation of biofuels is moving rural America into the future.


Dr. William Jackman, NAAE Executive Director, said “Our Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education team was pleased to partner with Growth Energy to develop these instructional resources. We’re looking forward to teaching students, as well as non-ag teachers, the important role of biofuels in meeting energy demands for the twenty-first century.”



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