Rural economies require innovation for economic development, job creation of financing that according to Jon Monson of Compeer Financial.  He added innovation comes from need-based opportunities.


“We’re in some communities and seeing that there's not a lot of local pharmacies they got to travel 20-30 miles.  What about mobile pharmacy labs?  Can we invest in that?  I think we might want to think about that.  What about rural daycare a lot of them are taking up these old school houses and they're even being subsidized by the local school district on referendums that's different and probably necessary.”


Monson notes more financing applications are coming from rural entrepreneurs that need just interim or bridge loan financing or other means of capital to start up their business vision in rural America.


“How can we invest in some of these bridge loan finances for a local owner to be able to build and renovate an old historic hotel?  How do we get somebody wants to move from a corporate job into a rural community and start our ice cream shop in a small town?  How do we help them get that done?”


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