Monsanto and the National 4-H Council have partnered to create a unique program focused on exposing young people to agriculture education.  The Ag Innovators Experience offers hands on learning while helping students develop practical and professional skills that can be used as a basis to pursue a career in agriculture and technical fields later in life.  Monsanto global sustainable development lead Dion McBay said the program seeks to reach out to youth and provide hands-on learning.


“We’ve been close partners with 4H for decades now and over the five years we’ve been able to create a fun, engaging, active style program that brings STEM education and a focus of science and agriculture to the next generation.  And hopefully excite them a bit about the great things that farmers are doing.”


McBay said the program collaborates with universities to generate the curriculum and content.  He said this year’s focus, the Healthy Soils Challenge, will allow students to learn about the importance of healthy soil.


“And through this, we hope the participants will have the opportunity to not only understand more about the composition, but we hope they understand soils importance in agriculture.  Students will also get to better understand how healthy soil not only provides the foundation for high yielding crops, but also has an opportunity to sequester carbon, help slowdown erosion and help overall increase environmental sustainability.”


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