In early March, Rob Larew was elected President of the National Farmer Union. He said his years of working with outgoing president Roger Johnson helped train and prepare him for a smooth transition. During his first two years as head of the organization, he said NFU will focus on helping rural America get back on its feet financially.

Larew noted NFU initially supported the Trump Administration’s stance on China’s unfair trade practices, but as the trade war continued, more and more farmers were hurt. He pointed out two years later, the farm community still has not recovered.


“While there is this Phase One agreement with China and we have other positive signs, its really about still trying to get back to where we were a few years ago.  So, we haven’t finished filling the hole that we dug from that time.”

Larew pointed out it’s also important to get a handle on markets and supply as much as possible moving forward. He said finical stability is only part of his focus moving forward. He said with high levels of farm stress, the mental and psychological component of each American farmer will be just as important as the bottom line.

And Larew said National Farmers Union will be there when farmers and ranchers need help.

“And making sure that rural communities which are very resilient continue to be so, and that neighbors are checking on neighbors.  We are actually engaged in a lot of training right now, on farm stress which is teaching folks to go out into the community, identify the signs of stress, and tap into resources and connecting people to it.”

Larew added the future of the NFU looks bright.

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