Its finally here, the updated version of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife mobile Anglers’ app. They have definitely worked hard to knock out the bugs and issues plaguing the predecessors. Existing users of the Fish Washington app can anticipate an automatic update in the coming days.

Addressing Past Issues

Fish Washington stands as a complimentary mobile application crafted to deliver real-time fishing regulations encompassing every lake, river, stream, and marine area across the state. The revamped version not only rids itself of advertisements but also addresses prevalent issues reported by users on both iOS and Android platforms.

The Comprehensive Fishing Companion: Features of Fish Washington

Following rigorous testing in winter 2024, the latest version has been engineered to operate more seamlessly while consuming fewer data and device resources. Developers undertook a complete rewrite of the app's code, resulting in a unified code base for both iOS and Android platforms. This translates to a reduced app size, less frequent updates, and a decrease in bugs.

Enhanced Functionality

Among the notable enhancements are location-enabled United States Geological Service (USGS) river gauges, improved delivery of emergency regulations, and upgraded mapping features. The updated version will now display comprehensive water body names and descriptions on emergency regulation cards. Additionally, with a data connection, the app integrates National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tidal predictions for marine waters and sections of the Columbia River, alongside river gauges sourced from multiple providers.

Developer Insights

Jacob Shapely, the lead mobile developer at WDFW, expressed optimism regarding the benefits of the new Fish Washington app version for anglers. "The unified code base resolves several bugs, particularly with the Android app," he noted. "Users can expect a smoother experience, and we believe they'll appreciate the new features.

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