Even though winter is still a few months away, Dan Nyberg, with Morton Buildings says now is the time to tune up your farm shop, and prepare for the colder weather.


“Examine the weather stripping around your larger overhead and hydraulic doors. Taking equipment in and out of the building can be hard on effective seals around your doors – and drafts cost money in lost heat. Also, don’t forget to weather strip around windows and walk doors. That may seem insignificant, but over the course of a winter can help prevent higher than necessary fuel bills. Consider adding to your attic insulation if that’s not up to acceptable levels. R38 or R49 is considered the recommended minimum level.”


Nyberg added this is also the time of year you want to inspect your heating systems in all shops and buildings.


“Give your heating system a good checkup. Lubricate motors and bearings. Check belts for wear and cracking. Determine if controls are working properly. And, check to see if burners need to be cleaned or replaced, if the heat exchanger is cracked and needs replacing, and if the flue or exhaust are leaking.”


Nyberg also recommended that producers develop priorities for their overall building infrastructure for the coming New Year, and what that may do to you budget.


“First, determine if any buildings need to be remodeled or replaced. Some older buildings may be too small, and therefore no longer efficient for newer equipment, due to building size or height and width of doors. Expanding a door opening is one option. Adding height is usually very expensive, and if a structure is not tall enough, it probably has too small of a footprint to work well. Some older buildings may well be totally depreciated, so consult with your tax adviser about the implications for investing in rebuilds. And finally, some inadequate structures should be demolished, especially if there are drawbacks to their existing location.”



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