In 2022 it seems like your phone can do it all: check your irrigation pivots, monitor the health of your dairy cow, and of course give you the latest weather forecast. But one thing your phone should not do, it text itself. The latest scam alert from the FBI involves text messages from your own cell phone number.

“Scammers spoof the caller ID to look like they are texting you from your own number. It’s bound to get your attention and it might even cause a panic.”

But, the FBI’s Shelley Lynch says it’s still just a scheme for criminals to get you to click on a link and download malware, or to add your number to a list sold to other scammers.

"It’s the same old tired scheme where they offer a gift, a thank you for paying a bill or even say ‘you’re late’ on a payment. They simply want you to click on their link and they’ve got you on the hook."

Her best advice, ignore the text. Lynch said you can also block the number, and report the message to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding it to 7726, which is the word “SPAM” on your phone. 

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