The Idaho wolf populations is holding steady.  According to Idaho Department of Fish and Game Director Ed Schriever, data on human-caused and natural wolf mortality looks similar to numbers from the previous three years.  The population he noted fluctuates a bit, but remains in the range of 1,250 statewide.


Schriever said that the same pattern with potentially similar numbers could be repeated this year.  But the agency won’t have a solid estimate for the 2022 wolf population until January when it analyzes additional information and millions of photos taken by remote cameras.


In 2021, Idaho lawmakers approved a law backed by ranchers that greatly expanded wolf killing in what some lawmakers stated could reduce the wolf population by 90%.  Backers said it would reduce the wolf population and attacks on livestock while also boosting deer and elk herds.  Idaho wildlife officials also last year announced the state would make available $200,000 to be divided into payments to hunters and trappers who kill wolves in the state.


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