Cases of bird flu continue to pop up across the Pacific Northwest, raising concerns with the fair season quickly approaching.  In Washington, flock owners are being urged to skip fairs and exhibitions in the coming months.  In Idaho, state veterinarian Dr. Scott Leibsle said the ISDA has not restricted anything at this point, but they are encouraging fair organizers to ask hard questions and determine if they really want to hold a poultry event.
"If so, to what extent?  So, do you want to limit it to just domestic chickens, do you want to include water fowl, because water fowl are usually the source of transmission of these viruses.  They're not always affected, they don't typically show symptoms, they will very much shed the virus so they're very often a concern."
Leibsle said those that choose to take their birds to a fair or show, or even attend one themselves need to practice good biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of the bird flu.  He added poultry owners, water fowl hunters and everyone in between needs to be mindful of the virus as summer starts to wind down.
"I don't know if I'd say fearful, but the concern is through the entire nation as the migratory pattern of ducks and geese, migratory water fowl changes and they reverse course and come back this fall, there is a real concern we may see a spike in bird flu cases again, and state animal health officials such as myself are all holding our collective breathe."
Leibsle added Idaho has not see a new confirmed case of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza since May.
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