Because of the growing population and the increase in the amount of depredations, lawmakers in Idaho are looking at allowing for wolf hunts year round, rather than the current specific season.  The legislation, Senate Bill 1247, introduced by Twin Falls Republican Bert Brackett would create 11 big game hunting units.  The Washington Ag Network’s Riley Haun said these regions would be primarily located south of the Snake River.

“Depredations on livestock specifically have been a reoccurring problem, or where they are trying to keep them from becoming a problem, and that’s where they will be allowing year round wolf hunting, instead of a few months out of the year, where you can hunt with a tag and license, this would allow you as long as you have a tag and license you can hunt year round in these zones.”


Haun noted the proposed legislation was received enthusiastically in the Senate Ag Committee recently.  She said the two votes against the idea came from the two democrats that sit on the committee, and she noted they are not concerned with the policy of year round hunts.


“There was some concerns about the broadness of the policy, as it stood right now.  I spoke to Senator Maryann Jordan who’s from the Boise area.  And her main concern was she wanted to narrow down some of the restrictions a little bit more, if the bill did get passed into law.  But she didn’t have any problems specify with the bill itself.”


According to recent numbers by Idaho Fish and Game, the wolf population statewide is above 1,000.



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