A bill supporters claim will apply fixes to Oregon’s farm worker overtime law is advancing.  When House Bill 4002 passed last year, mandating overtime for agricultural workers, supporters insisted they would consider updates this session.  House Bill 2058 has been billed as fulfillment of that promise, creating a state loan program to help farmers and ranchers cover the cost of paying overtime.


Representative Shelly Boshart Davis said HB 2058 is not an Ag overtime fix.  She called it unsustainable, risky, and unlikely to be used.


“As written, producers would be required to take out a loan on their payroll, then submit for reimbursement without knowing whether the loan would actually be reimbursed, or if the tax credit would be granted.”


And, the Albany-Republican said it won’t help workers most of whom will see a smaller paycheck.


“Employers will attempt to reduce hours qualifying for overtime pay, to the extent possible; employers will try to hire additional laborers to reduce overtime pay, and employers may try to reduce standard wage rates to at least partially offset increased compensation from overtime pay.” 


Despite her objections, HB 2058 cleared the House and moves to the state Senate.


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