Senate Republicans are pressing for an ‘infrastructure-only’ bill in a bid to vastly downsize the president’s more than $2 trillion package that they say goes beyond traditional infrastructure. Republicans said President Biden could score a ‘win,’ if his infrastructure, plan included just roads, bridges, waterways, ports and broadband, funded with user fees.

“We’re going to have to convince the Democrats that they’ve got to work in a bipartisan way…and to get all of the non-infrastructure stuff out of this bill.”

Ag and Finance Senator Chuck Grassley says Democrats may be forced to go ‘bipartisan.’ Grassley points to bill opposition by West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin and others that would deprive the party of the needed 51-votes to pass their bill.

“I’ve heard Manchin say, I read it in the press, here, just this last couple of weeks, that he says there’s five or six other Democrats that don’t like the tax proposals of the president. And if we can get this back to an infrastructure-only package, which is only about $500 billion of the $2.25 trillion, I think we’ve got a good chance of getting something done.”

Grassley, meantime, criticizes the President’s plan for providing subsidies to the wealthy to buy electric vehicles, instead of help for biofuels and ethanol-fuel vehicles that won’t stop when the electricity goes out.

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