The National Milk Producers Federation is urging Congress to move forward with a bill that would limit the ability of plant-based foods to use dairy terms on their labels.  The bipartisan DAIRY PRIDE Act, introduced in both the House and Senate earlier this month, requires the FDA to enforce regulations defining what is, and is not, a dairy product.  NMPF spokesman Chris Galen said the standards are already part of FDA regulations, but the FDA has not enforced them.


"This legislation would not change the FDA's existing standards, all it would do is compel the FDA to enforce those standards. Which, unfortunately, they've been on the books for many years and they really haven't been effectively supported by what the FDA is doing in the marketplace. So, this legislation, the Dairy Pride Act, is really Congress' voice in prodding the FDA to do the working they need to be doing here, so that consumers have the best information about the foods they are getting."

Galen said they have worked on behalf of the dairy industry for decades regarding the labeling issue.  With interest from Congress and support from the dairy industry, Galen says it’s time for the FDA to do its job.


"This is more evidence that the dairy industry certainly supports action. Congress, on a bipartisan basis, is interested in the FDA take action. And ultimately, this is something that will benefit consumers, not just dairy farmers, so that's why we really need to get this legislation approved. And ultimately, we need to get the FDA to take action on this issue."



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