The U.S. Forest Service needs to fill a wide range of temporary positions in Oregon for the spring and summer.  The Forest Service’s Catherine Caruso said they started looking for summer workers back in September because hiring for a federal job is time consuming.  But despite months of work, hundreds of openings remain across the state and more are coming online later this month.


“A lot of these are great opportunities for college students, or even high school students who will be 18 this summer, to get out and get some entry level experience in these fields.”


She said those temporary jobs are also popular with teachers and retirees, and include work in timber, fire, visitor services and lots of other divisions.  Caruso added there’s also a variety of permanent position openings.


“Biologists, engineering; we’ve also got some archeology positions, some hydrology positions, we’ve got a few public affairs specialists, and certainly, I can’t leave out recreation specialists.”


Applications for both seasonal and permanent work are accepted online.  To learn more, visit the Forest Service's Website.


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