The Farmers Conservation Alliance was recently awarded $120,000 from Google to better manage data, as they help 40 different irrigation communities in the west learn to better manage their water.


“When you think about working with each of those communities and looking at infrastructure that’s a significant part of rural communities, you just have a lot of information that you’re managing."


Executive Director Julie O’Shea said much of that irrigation infrastructure is 100 to 125 years old, and each area needs a custom plan.


"What works for the Deschutes Basin may not be the same solutions for the Klamath Basin."


She also hopes the data collected will help identify other funding opportunities for future water infrastructure upgrades.


“We think about the pressures right now in our society of water shortages, of food potential shortages - with the droughts that are coming, and then rising cost. You put that together and there’s such a need.”


O’Shea acknowledged fixing that aging infrastructure won’t solve every problem, but, she believes it will help significantly.


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