Rivulis, an international company that offers micro-irrigation products and solutions, has announced the release of new drip irrigation guides to their Knowledge Hub.

Free guides offer expertise on drip irrigation for farmers.

Water is one of the cornerstones of farming operations, with the capacity to improve yield and quality of crops when managed carefully. With this in mind, Rivulis's Irrigation Drip Guide offers four modules to offer a comprehensive understanding of drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation delivers water and nutrition directly to the roots of a plant, reducing the amount needed to tend crops as less is lost as waste in the soil system.

The drip irrigation guides are designed to be easy to navigate and use.

The new drip irrigation guides are split into four modules, written in plain language to avoid confusing jargon and conflicting information. It includes useful formulas, scheduling, and calculations with US and metric measurements.

The modules are broken down as follows:

  1. An introduction to drip irrigation, and six key considerations in designing an irrigation system.
  2. An overview of drip irrigation system and components.
  3. Information on designing, installing, and beginning to use a new drip irrigation system.
  4. Maintenance considerations, with a focus on the 'big nine' components of the system.


Nir Aloni, Chief Agronomist of Agritask, said via press release:

It is everything you wanted to know about drip irrigation but until now you got only confusing, contradicting answers so that you make the right decisions for your farming business.

The guides can be accessed on Rivulis' website.

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