The Farmer Veteran Coalition announced grants last week to support veterans in their early years of farming and ranching. More than 100 farmers are being awarded equipment thanks to the Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund.

FVC Executive Director Jeanette Lombardo said, “We directly purchase a piece of equipment the farmer has identified as being critical.”

Over 11 years, more than 700 veterans have benefitted with $3.5 million in equipment distributed. The 2021 class includes representatives in nearly 40 states and 47 females. Equipment will soon be delivered to farms starting now and into the summer.

Grantees anxiously await greenhouses and grow tents, walk-in coolers and cold storage units, milking systems, water filtrations, and honey extractors. Other unique requests include a mushroom substrate steamer and a lavender bud stripper.

Funding is made possible through sponsored support. Some of this year's grantees have been mentored by other farmer veterans throughout their careers, and many intend to hire veterans as they expand their own businesses.

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