Farmers for Free Trade released another television ad on Thursday as part of the effort to highlight the damaging impact retaliation from a series of new tariffs will have on critical ag exports.  The new spot features Indiana grower Brent Bible, whose soy operation relies on exports to China, as do many more across the country.


“I’m supportive of the Trump administration,” he said in the spot, “but I have concerns about current actions that have been taken on trade and tariffs. The fact that China is our number one soybean customer makes us very vulnerable. Our farm, and many others like ours, will be the first casualties in a trade war.”


The spot will run for the next two weeks on cable news channels like CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. China has already announced $3 billion in retaliatory action, much of which was aimed at American agricultural exports, including fruit and wine.


Farmers for Free Trade Co-Chair Max Baucus said, “China is looking to hit us where it hurts. That’s why they’re going after American ag exports.”



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