The cold temperatures of winter can be hard on every aspect of a farm, including the batteries in equipment farmers put into hibernation during the cold months. Josh Goldsworthy is the product manager for batteries at Case IH Aftermarket Solutions. He talks about some potential problems that producers can run into when storing batteries for the winter, and what can happen when they aren’t properly maintained.

“After a long harvest season, it can be easy to forget to add battery maintenance to your pre-storage checklist. An improperly stored battery can lead to a discharge state, which causes the specific gravity level of the battery acid inside that battery to drop to a level similar to that of water. As this continues over time, this can actually lead to freezing inside the battery, which causes internal damage to the battery plates and other components inside the battery, which can then diminish the performance of the battery and could also lead to total failure of the battery come spring when you're ready to pull your equipment out of storage. This along with vibrations and extreme temperatures are the leading factors of reduced life in batteries.”

Goldsworthy also discussed what farmers can do to keep their batteries properly maintained during the winter.

“The best way to keep batteries maintained all winter long is by keeping a battery maintainer on them throughout the storage period. This will prevent your batteries from entering a discharge state and help avoid freezing and internal failures. If you're not able to do that, the next best thing is to fully charge your battery prior to storage. If you do so, be sure to check them at least once a month and make sure they are holding a charge. If they are not, be sure to charge them again, as needed, to ensure the battery reaches its full life.”

Goldsworthy added Case IH OEM batteries and power solutions offer a lot of benefits to producers and can help farmers get a jump-start on spring.

"Case H Magna Power batteries are built tough and specifically made for the unique needs of producers. They're designed to withstand heavy machine vibrations from challenging in-field conditions. Magna Power batteries are tested to ensure vibration resistance and exceed the resistance of a standard aftermarket battery. The batteries feature epoxy anchor bonding and large inner-cell connectors to make sure that you get the maximum protection against vibrations that you will see an in-field conditions. These also are maintenance-free and offer sealed covers and gaskets screw caps to eliminate electrolyte loss through evaporation. Magna Power batteries are the top of the line, premium power solutions that are built for Case IH equipment they withstand frequent starts and stops which are common in farming.”

Goldsworthy said producers who want to stay ahead of the battery issues this winter should contact their local case H dealer or visit Case IH's Website to browse parts online.

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