Last week, much of the Ag community took to the National Mall in Washington D.C. and rallied in support of a ratification vote for USMCA.  The rally saw members of both political parties, members of past Administrations calling on lawmakers to ratify the updated NAFTA.  Lawmakers in the Northwest continue to call on their federal counterparts to make trade a priority in the remaining months of 2019.


Washington state Representative Mary Dye said USMCA is a good trade deal that once approved, will put American Ag in a good place.


“I think the markets will respond favorably.  I just think if they are going to use USMCA as a point of playing politics, they are going to hurt every single farmer in the United States of America.  And it will not serve the nation well.”


Dye noted many Northwest commodities will benefit under USMCA, including wheat and dairy.  USMCA is not the only trade topic in D.C.  She said while painful right now, many of her fellow farmers are grateful the Trump Administration is going after China and that country’s unfair trade practices that have hurt American farmers for decades.


“We’re glad he’s bringing this issue to the front and using some strength of the U.S. government, the powers that be, to try and bring people to the table and get an agreement that works for American farmers.”


The Pomeroy area farmers added that the Ag community is patience and will wait for a good trade deal with China.





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