In Washington D. C., scientists, economists, policy makers, weather and climate experts and others have all gathered together for the second National Forum on Drought.  USDA's Brad Rippey said they are looking at how to address the challenges of drought into the future.  He noted this week's forum is a sequel in a manner of speaking.


“This is a follow up to a meeting that was held way back in December of 2012; in the wake of the 2012 drought.”

Which cost the country at least $40 billion, most of that in agricultural losses.  Now, yes it does seem an odd time to hold a drought forum when so much of the country, specifically the Midwest is dealing with flooding and too much water.  But Rippey noted another nationwide drought is in the country's future.


“We know it's going to happen, we don't know when or where but drought will happen,” Rippey continued.  “And that is kind of the purpose of this meeting: to deal with the challenges of drought.”


And that includes forecasting and building in resilience to drought for crops and livestock systems.



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