In the context of farm produced commodities, both crops and meat animals, what does the term product of the U.S. mean?
"Does it mean that everything that was done, with reference that product, was done in the US.  Or does it mean animals born, but raise some place else and processed some place, other than the US."
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack noted USDA efforts to better define the term, and cited a recent survey.
"...of 4000 consumers and we asked a question what do you think this means and the 2nd question do you put value on it.  It's one thing if you know what it means.  Would you be willing to pay a nickel more because of the label."
The secretary says survey results will help determine how USDA could strengthen the direction and criteria of use of a product of the U.S. label.
"Because once we do that then we're in a position to essentially utilize the power we have a USDA to avoid misrepresentations or false statements"
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