In September, CropLife America recognized Moses Lake Representative Tom Dent with its State Leadership Award for his “support of farmers, ranchers and the pesticide industry” The Central Washington Republican said the national honor was humbling and completely caught him off guard.


“She explained the award to me and then we hung up and I gave it about ten minutes of thinking about it and I called her back and said ‘now, tell me this again’. [Laughter]  And she said ‘you’ve won a national award and you’re the only legislator in the county that gets it this year’.”

Dent, a rancher himself, said strengthening the Ag industry has always been a high priority, and with farm country facing so many challenges in 2021, its important lawmakers help, rather than hinder.

“What they have to make work so they can stay in business and keep their head up and stay afloat.  And the margins are quite often not very big and they can’t afford to lose their tools.  So, that’s kind of where my passion comes from.  Let’s keep their tools in place.”

Dent added that farming is a life style that must be preserved and protected.

The CLA State Leadership Award honors individuals who the organization says demonstrate outstanding leadership in state legislative or regulatory areas to promote the ability of farmers to provide a safe, affordable and sustainable food supply.

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