An environmental group is suing Cashmere-based Crunch Pak, over alleged violations to its state stormwater permit.  According to the Spokesman-Review, Crunch Pak’s attorney J. Patrick Aylward received the complaint from Columbia Riverkeeper on Wednesday.

Columbia Riverkeeper asked the judge to fine Crunch Pak $37,500 for every day the company was in violation, as well as an additional $53,484 per day.  And it would like the court to order Crunch Pak to take “specific actions” to fix any environmental impact from not monitoring the pollutants in its releases.  The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for Eastern Washington in early December, alleges Crunch Pak:


  • Released stormwater into the Wenatchee River from 2013 to 2018 that contained higher than the allowed amount of pollutants.
  • Failed to report the pollutant levels in its stormwater releases to Ecology several times.
  • Did not take the corrective action it was required to by law to fix pollutant levels.
  • The organization accused the apple snack company of violating the terms of its industrial storm water permit with Ecology.


Columbia Riverkeeper is a nonprofit that works to protect Columbia River water quality and life connected to the river.  Columbia Riverkeeper asked the court to find Crunch Pak in violation and order the company to get back into compliance.


Aylward and Crunch Pak’s representatives could not be reached to comment.


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