Eastern Oregon’s Cliff Bentz has been named the Ranking Member on the House’s Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife for the upcoming Congress. The freshman representative says this appointment is beneficial for both the Beaver State and the Northwest.


“It gives me the opportunity to offer amendments that would either fix a problem with a bill that I would recognize or my staff would recognize. It gives me the chance to lead the opposition if there is opposition to a bill and put to work all of the experience that I did exactly the same thing in the Oregon Legislature.”

Bentz noted while the committee assignment might seem modest, it’s very important because water is so critical to agriculture. The top issue for Bentz is the impact the Endangered Species Act has on water access.

“The listing issues around the United States are hugely challenging for people who are reliant upon our nation’s water, so that’s huge. Of course, with the Waters of the United States [WOTUS] issue, even though that might not be my committee, that issue will be involved.”

Bentz added that the issue of water storage will be very important as well.

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