BASF Agricultural Solutions North America will donate $50,000 to The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund's Seed A Legacy pollinator habitat program.  The donation is part of BASF's annual Living Acres #MonarchChallenge initiative.

The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund will use BASF's donation to expand its Seed A Legacy pollinator habitat program with the goal of restoring high-quality pollinator habitat with free or reduced-cost seed to landowners across 12 Midwest states.  Since its inception in 2015, the Monarch Challenge has resulted in the planting of 110,000 milkweed seedlings and the creation of more than 67,000 pollinator habitats.

The fund works with landowners, conservationists, scientists, and other partners to build healthy and sustainable pollinator habitat with maximum benefits.  Through the Seed A Legacy Habitat Program, each project receives free or heavily discounted pollinator seed mixes and the guidance to prepare, establish, and maintain the project for a minimum of five years.

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