Roughly 80% of American live in urban areas, but research shows they would rather live in rural areas, and rural residents are the happiest.  As population density increases, the level of happiness decreases.  AARP’s Sean Voskhul said that’s part of the reason a majority of the nation would rather live in rural areas.


“Rural and small towns have plenty to offer, and the nation see’s that. From affordable housing, to abundant recreation opportunities, and that small community feeling. If this data says anything, it’s that rural residents, farmers and ranchers in those areas, should be proud of their communities.”


Voskuhl added that in some cases, rural areas can provide better access to community resources.  However, prospective and wishful residents, along with those living in rural areas, do have needs yet to be addressed.


“It’s so important for rural areas to have access to broadband internet, for residents and farmers who need the connection for precision equipment. Also, easy access to transportation is key for small towns. Efficient emergency services and access to resources such as grocery stores, hospitals and jobs, are all a part of the desires of small and rural areas for those who want to live there.”



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