March is National Ag Month, and to mark the event, Second Harvest is highlighting it’s relationship with the local Ag community.  Jean Tucker, said being headquartered in Pasco and Spokane allows them to serve the needs of thousands of hungry people across Central and Eastern Washington and even Northern Idaho.


“Our partnerships with local farmers allow us to distribute a large amount of healthy produce, to the tune of about 40% of what we distributed is produce.  Then, we do have partnerships with the dairy industry and with the beef industry, so that we are able to distributed high quality protein, and milk and other dairy products.”


Tucker noted that milk is the most requested item at foodbanks.  She also noted that there is not one typical person or groups of people that use their services in the year 2019.  Tucker said  she’s chatted with many people while standing in line that through they would never need the assistance of their local foodbanks.


“Many times, it is somebody who has had something happen, such as a medial crisis, a huge expense.  You know, many people are one or two paychecks away from needing to ask for help.”


Second Harvest provides meal programs for 55,000 people every week.  She says they are always in need of assistance.  Farmers that would like to make a donation, or individuals that would like to donate cash or time are always welcomed.  To learn how you can help meet local needs, visit 2nd Harvest's Website.





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