Because of the disruptions of grain shipments out of Ukraine and many questions surrounding just how much of that food will be available to nations that need it, and at what price, a number of countries have imposed restrictions of exports of their own ag products, such as wheat and rice.  During the recent meeting of Ag ministers at the G20 in Indonesia, the USDA’s Dr. Jewel Bronaugh encouraged countries to come out against trade restrictions “[and] support free and open trade and really double down on avoiding export restrictions and consider suspending temporary tariffs, because we need the free flow of food and agricultural products especially for those in need.”


India for example is a G20 member, and has restrictions on exports of food.  Meanwhile, some counties are implementing what Bronaugh called “unfair” restrictions on imports of products.  Those restrictions she noted need to be dropped as well.


“So we can all work together to support a free flow of trade in food and agriculture.”


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